Driving You Forward
Driving You Forward

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Services Provided by Valet Park of America

When corporate visitors or employees need a comfortable, efficient way to get from one corporate location to another, Valet Park’s shuttle service transports them safely and efficiently between destinations.


For Colleges, Universities & Institutions that have multiple campus locations and need to provide comfortable transportation between locations, VPA has custom solutions for you. Improve the campus experience for everyone with shuttle service for offsite parking, student organizations, athletics, airport, field trips, commencement ceremonies, special events and fundraising programs.


Let VPA create a customized transportation system specific to your objectives, needs and facility by:

  • Conducting traffic and facility analysis to produce the best plan for your transportation goals and needs.
  • Delivering a self-sufficient, professional service that’s an extension of your own facility and is invested in your efficiency, profitability and customer perception.
  • Providing a gold-star staff, including certified drivers, with the skills required to represent your company to the highest standards.
  • Developing pre-planned routes, scheduled pick up times and locations to ensure quality service and well thought out adjustments if needed.

VPA Provides:

  • Employee Shuttles
  • Off-Site Shuttles
  • Temporary Construction Shuttles

Valet Park took over the shuttle service at our hospital from one of their competitors and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of service and the immediate improvement in staff satisfaction. Some highlights include:

• Excellent communication between your management and the hospital personnel.
• Implemented a call box system for shuttle ETA.
• Provided modern, clean, and reliable vehicles.
• Maximized efficiency by adjusting routes and times
• Provided additional vehicles for special events...


 Our client at a major hospital in Middletown