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Exceeding the highest standards in today’s parking industry, there is a reason that Valet Park of America has never, in our over 20-year history, lost a client due to dissatisfaction. The reason: our honesty, integrity, reliability and fulfillment of our promise to deliver the highest level of service. We are accountable to each client for building a lasting partnership that not only meets — but exceeds our client's goals and needs. Through that partnership we strive to be an integral extension of your business delivering an efficient cost savings service.


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With such a large staff going 24 hours a day 7 days a week I have had the pleasure of working with them at my facility for 20 years, the service and attention to detail, the interaction with patients and visitors, and the interaction with me. The knowledge of parking and transportation this company has is unbelievable. Never has this company done me wrong, as a matter of fact it's just the opposite, any time I call the office no matter what it is. They have taken us out of more parking problems over 20 years, I have lost count.


— A Western MA Hospital Client